• October 1 – Admission for Spring term
  • November 1 – Early Priority for Fall term
  • March 15 – Regular Decision for Fall term

*Apply by these priority dates to ensure full consideration for all programs. LMU can promise a decision by the timeline provided only if your application is complete by the deadline. While we will make every effort to notify you of your application status, applicants are encouraged to contact our office prior to the deadline to verify if their application is complete.

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  • Additional Information and Requirements for International Transfer Students

    Each year LMU welcomes international students transferring from local, out of state, and overseas colleges and universities. Please refer to the list below for additional information and requirements beyond those listed on our general admission page for transfers. If you have any questions about the application process or about the University in general, call +1.310.338.2750 or contact us by email at

    LMU recommends that international applicants participate in an InitialView or Vericant interview – however, they are not required. These interviews allow participants to demonstrate their English proficiency and writing skills, and our admissions staff review the interviews as part of our holistic application review process if an applicant provides one.

    English Proficiency Requirements

    Proof of English proficiency can be shown in the following ways:

    1.  Completing English Composition at a US college or university with a minimum grade of C or better. Note that English composition taken online will not be accepted to fulfill proof of English proficiency.

    2.  Taking an English Proficiency Exam: If you are a non-native English speaker and have not taken English Composition at a US college or university with at least a C grade, or took this course online, you must take one of the following tests of English proficiency and arrange for scores to be sent directly to LMU from the test administrators.

    For students applying with any college — or university — level work from outside the US

    1. Course work completed at non-U.S. institutions of higher education must be documented on an official academic record from an international institution recognized by the Ministry or Department of Education of that country.
    2. Certified English translations of official transcripts are required for admission consideration at the time an application is submitted.
    3. International transcripts will be evaluated by LMU’s Office of the Registrar for transfer credit. LMU may grant advanced standing for certain foreign examinations and diplomas; for more information, please click here: LMU Foreign Equivalencies. If original transcripts are not available, provide photocopies that are notarized as true copies of the original document.
    4. Send documentation of the results of standard examinations administered by government or certifying agencies in your home country.
    5. NOTE TO STUDENTS APPLYING FROM OVERSEAS UNIVERSITIES: If you are an applicant to any majors in the College of Business, we recommend that you provide us with a copy of the university course description for your completed calculus/business calculus courses at the time you submit your application. For your reference, LMU’s business calculus course description (MATH 112) can be found here.

    For all students applying to LMU from colleges or universities within the US

    • If you are an international student studying at a college or university in the United States, please note that LMU will not consider applicants for admission who have attended more than two US colleges concurrently in one term. In addition, no college-level English or Math courses taken online will be accepted as meeting LMU’s requirements.
  • Scholarship Information

    Academic Scholarships for Transfer Students

    If you have any questions about the application process or about the University in general, we welcome you to contact us via telephone at +1.310.338.2750, email at, or, if you are local or visiting Los Angeles, by scheduling an appointment to speak with International Outreach staff.